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3mm LogiCut Reposable Laparoscopic Scissor

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Logi™Cut 3mm laparoscopic scissors are a Resposable™ high quality, cost-effective solution for ultra-minimally invasive surgery.

The aim of 3mm surgery is to substantially reduce post-operative pain and trauma for the patient, promote faster recovery time and improve ‘cosmesis’ (minimal scarring) by making smaller incisions.

Key Strengths of Logi™Cut 3mm

  • Impressive rigidity despite reduced size
  • Resposable™ - reusable handles and single use inserts
  • Double-action scissor blades for easy cutting
  • Insulation up to distal tip of outer tube increasing patient and user safety
  • Better visualisation of tip due to curved nature of scissor
  • Fits our Logic™ reusable handles, including the ‘Pistol-Grip’ handle and patented ‘Horizontal’ handle
  • Perfect complement to YelloPort+plus™ 3mm laparoscopic port access system

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Additional Info

Additional Info

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