PretzelFlex Retractor

3mm PretzelFlex Surgical Retractor

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3mm Pretzelflex offers a unique solution to organ and tissue retraction for ultra-minimally invasive surgery.  The innovative pretzel shape provides strength, improved access and visualisation of surgical sites.

The aim of 3mm surgery is to substantially reduce post-operative pain and trauma for the patient, promote faster recovery time and improve 'cosmesis' (minimise scarring) by making smaller incisions.

Key Strengths of the Pretzelflex:

  • Strength and stability powered by innovative pretzel shape
  • Impressive shaft rigidity despite reduced diameter size
  • Easily inserted into YelloPort Plus+ 3mm laparoscopic port access system
  • Designed and precision-machined 'in house' to maintain rigidity and shape
  • Smooth slim-line shaft designed to ensure tissue is not penetrated or damaged
  • Innovative segment technology ensures minimal space is required inside the abdomen to form into pretzel shape
  • Ideally suited to be used with FastClamp endoscopic clamping system 


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Additional Info