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Clearflow Laparoscopic Charcoal Filter

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The Clearflow Laparoscopic Charcoal Filter is for smoke evacuation purposes.

  • Clearflow automatically removes and filters smoke from the surgical site through its proprietary exhaust vent without the surgical staff having to stop to make adjustments.
  • Clearflow provides for quick, harmless evacuation of surgical smoke while it effectively removes 99.999% of all virus and cells - retention is to 0.02 microns.
  • An activated carbon filter contained inside Clearflow absorbs odours and gaseous hydrocarbons from surgical smoke.
  • Clearflow is easy to use - simply attach the rotating universal luer connector to an auxiliary cannula and clamp clearflow's tubing to the surgical drape.  Fill the peritoneum with CO2, open the cannula's stopcock and the rest is automatic.
  • Clearflow does not interfere with the pneumoperitoneum or the surgeon's activities.
  • Clearflow provides an efficient and cost effective solution to removing surgical smoke.

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Additional Info

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