Reach Endo III Stapler - Endoscopic Linear Cutting Stapler

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Rotating Cartridge:

More flexible in narrow surgery space.


1. Brand new knife blade for each single use loading unit to provide the sharpness and ensure complete tissue cutting which reduce tissue damage;
2. 6 rows of staple lines for both tissue and vascular SULUs to maximize the safety of anastomosis and closure.


Low profile anvil design to allow easy entrance of the instrument and minimize the tissue dissection.

Cost Effective:

1. One handle is versatile for SULUs of all sizes;
2. Can be loaded up to 25 times in one surgery to reduce cost.

Providing more choices for surgeons based on different thickness of tissue
Compatiable with all types of Endo REACH Endoscopic Linear Cutter
Fit for 12mm Trocar
Ergonomic designed handle,saving 20% firing force than ENDO REACH® ENDO RLC
Compatible with all types and codes of Endoscopic SULUs

Additional Info

Additional Info

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