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Robo Sac Specimen Retrieval Bag (for robotic surgery)

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The E-Sac tissue removal system was pioneered by laparoscopic surgeon Harry Espiner in 1990 when he encountered the problem of how to retrieve tissue safely in the new procedure for gallbladder removal.

Deciding that the simplest solution was to create a bag to remove the organ, he set about designing one and identified Jim Howard at Cameron Balloons - the world's largest manufacturer of hot air balloons - as his partner.  With his expert knowledge of lightweight fabrics normally used in balloon flight but now applied to the operating theatre, Jim Howard set about creating prototypes out of ripstop nylon and utilised a special formulation of polyurethane coating to ensure the material was fully leak-resistant. 

Designed for use in robotic surgical procedures, the 'Robo Sac' forms an extension to the existing Master E-Sac Range and is to be deployed via a 12mm trocar.

The design features a secure suture which aids the loading and deployment of the sac.  There is no tail required with this device.

Following tissue capture the sac can be closed by:

  • cutting the suture (where indicated) and removing the suture and rod
  • pulling the monofilament to close the sac, or alternatively the sac can be drawn straight into the trocar to close, prior to extraction


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Robo Sac - for Robotic Surgery


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