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The PAJUNK® balloon systems are ideally suited to the endoscopic totally extraperitoneal hernioplasty (TEP). With this gentle method, the preperitoneal space is dilated pneumatically by inserting and inflating a balloon and the abdominal wall is reinforced with a plastic mesh. Not only the risk of infection, but also the size of the incision is significantly reduced, and at the same time the necessary recovery time after the operation is minimised. 

The medical arguments speak just as much in favour of the PAJUNK® balloon system as the economic arguments.

Main advantages of the TEP method:

  • No opening of the peritoneum, hence no risk of damaging abdominal organs
  • No mesh fixing with clips necessary
  • Ideally suitable for relapse hernias
  • Low relapse quota (< 2%)
  • Full recovery after only 12 to 14 days (compared to six to seven weeks with conventional operation)
  • Small incision, small wound area and hence low risk of infection
  • Reduced need for pain medication (post operative)
  • Shorter stay in the hospital

 The TEP is an absolute safe and gentle method

  1. The dilatation balloon is introduced by means of a blunt obturator above the peritoneum and advanced between posterior fascia and rectus muscle up to the public bone.
  2. The obturator is retracted and replaced by a laparoscope. This ensures ideal viewing during the subsequent pneumatic dilatation of the preperitoneal space
  3. The layers are separated by the pneumatic dilatation, and any minor haemorrhaging is prevented immediately by the pressure of the balloon. The laparoscope and the deflated balloon are then removed.
  4. Positioning of a double-sealed structural or ring-anchor balloon system. This maintains the preperitoneal space during the operation. Via the working channel (Ø 11 mm) the laparoscope or instruments can be inserted.

 NB.  We custom make Hernia Kits to suit all your surgical needs.  Please contact your local representative or Head Office to discuss all the available options.


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