Fetal Scalp Blood Sampling Kit with Amnioscope

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The Complete Fetal Scalp Blood Sampling Procedure Kit contains everything necessary to complete a fetal blood sample, without the use of petroleum jelly.  With heavily heparinised capillary tubes and mixing wires you have a relatively long time before the blood will start to clot, ensuring that the result from the blood gas analyser will be accurate.

The capillary tube adapter provides connection to the vast majority of blood gas samplers worldwide.

The Blood Sampling Wand is a single handed device for sampling fetal blood.  The sampler contains a pre-mounted capillary tube that is heavily sodium heparinised and a retractable pre-mounted angled blade providing maximum incision depth of 1.7mm.

In order to collect fetal scalp blood, make a single incision to penetrate the fetal head, then retract the blade and rotate the blood sampler around to collect the blood in the pre-mounted capillary tube.

The benefits of a pre-mounted blade, include reducing the time required to prepare the sampler as well as reduced risk of 'needle stick' injury to the user.  The unique sampler means that the use of petroleum jelly is not required to take an adequate sample.  Petroleum jelly may interfere with the accurate analyses of blood or may clog the analyser.

Procedure Kit contains:

  • Blood Sampling Wand
  • Heparinised capillary tubes
  • mixing wires
  • end caps for all capillary tubes
  • universal blood gas analyser adapter with clot buster*
  • long cotton tipped buds 
  • Sterile surgical drape
  • Disposable Amnioscope

*Adaptor should fit the majority of blood gas analysers, however, this is not guaranteed and it is the responsility of the end user to check.

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Part Number  4201-ZAC
Quantity  1 Kit
Description  Fetal Scalp Blood Sampling Kit & Amnioscope, single use
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